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DiskPulse Server E-Mail Notifications

DiskPulse provides the ability to send E-Mail notifications when a disk change monitoring command detects a user-specified number of changes. In order to configure E-Mail notifications, open the main options dialog and select the 'E-Mail' tab. On the E-Mail server configuration tab, enter the SMTP server host name, port, user name, password and the source E-Mail address to use to send E-Mail notifications. Optionally, enable the secure SMTP connection mode and select an appropriate security algorithm.

DiskPulse E-Mail Configuration Options

Now, open the disk change monitoring command dialog, select the 'Advanced' tab, enable disk change monitoring actions, press the 'Add Action' button, select an appropriate E-Mail notification type and enter a destination E-Mail address to send notifications to.

DiskPulse E-Mail Notifications

The simplest notification type is the 'HTML E-Mail Notification' which includes detected file system changes in the E-Mail message body in the HTML format. Another option is to send an E-Mail notification with an attached PDF or Excel report, which include graphical pie charts and additional statistics.