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Searching Changes in the Database

DiskPulse allows one to search file system changes by the file name, category, modification date, file owner, file size, etc. in all disk change monitoring reports stored in an SQL database. In order to search file system changes in DiskPulse Pro or DiskPulse Server, open the database dialog and press the 'Search' button. In order to search file system changes in the reports database, press the 'Search' button located on the main toolbar.

The host selector, located in the top-left corner of the search dialog, provides the ability to search changes in disk change monitoring reports submitted from all hosts or to select a specific host name to search for. The change type selector, located in the top-right corner of the search dialog, allows one to search for all types of file system changes or to select a specific change type such as: created files, modified files, renamed files or deleted files.

DiskPulse is capable of searching file system changes by one or more search rules which may be configured to find changes by the file name, extension, location, category, file size, file owner and modification date. Also, advanced users are provided with the ability to create hierarchical search rules with logical operators allowing one to find very specific changes.

For example, in order to search for all changed programs, executable files and DLL libraries, select the 'Category' file search rule and press the '...' button to browse for available file categories.

On the 'Categories' dialog, select the 'Programs, Extensions and Script Files' file category and press the 'Ok' button. If required, add a date range rule to find changes that occurred during a specific time interval or a location rule to find changes in a specific location such as the Windows system directory, etc.

Once finished adding search rules, press the 'Search' button and wait for the search operation to complete. Search results are displayed in the standard disk change monitoring results window allowing one to categorize and filter results, save HTML, text, Excel CSV or XML reports and generate pie and/or bars charts.