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DiskPulse Options Dialog

Select the 'Tools - Advanced Options' menu item to open the options dialog.

DiskPulse Options Dialog General

The 'General' tab allows one to control the following options:

  • Show Main Toolbar - Enables/Disables the main toolbar
  • Always Show Profile Dialog Before Start - Instructs DiskPulse to show the profile dialog before starting the monitoring process.
  • Automatically Check For Product Updates - select this option to instruct DiskPulse to automatically check for available product updates.
  • Abort Operation On Critical Errors - by default DiskPulse is trying to process as many files as possible logging non-fatal errors in a process log. Select this option to instruct DiskPulse to abort operation when encountering a critical error.

The 'Shortcuts' tab provides the user with the ability to customize keyboard shortcuts. Click on a shortcut item to edit the currently assigned key sequence. Press the 'Default Shortcuts' button to reset all keyboard shortcuts to default values.

DiskPulse Options Dialog Shortcuts

The 'Proxy' tab provides the user with the ability to configure the HTTP proxy settings. DiskPulse uses the HTTP protocol in order to inquire whether there is a new product version available on the web site.

DiskPulse Options Dialog Proxy

By default, DiskPulse detects proxy settings and connects to the Internet directly or through an HTTP proxy depending on the configuration of the host computer. Depending on a specific host and network configuration, the user is provided with the ability to connect to the Internet directly, trough automatic HTTP proxy discovery or manually by entering the HTTP proxy server name and port.

DiskPulse Options Dialog E-Mail

The 'E-Mail' tab allows one to specify an SMTP e-mail server to be used to send e-mail notifications. Check the 'Enable E-Mail notifications' checkbox and specify a valid SMTP server name, an account name, a password and a source e-mail address to be used to send e-mail notifications through.

DiskPulse Options Dialog Database

DiskPulse Pro provides power computer users and IT professionals with the ability to export lists of detected file system changes to an SQL database via the ODBC interface. In order to enable the database export capability, open the 'Options' dialog, select the 'Database' tab and specify a valid ODBC data source name, user name and password.