DiskPulse is a real-time disk change monitoring solution allowing one to monitor one or more disks or directories, save reports and disk change monitoring statistics, export detected changes to a centralized SQL database, execute custom commands and send E-Mail notifications when unauthorized changes are detected in critical system files.

24-Nov-2015 - DiskPulse v8.0 adds the ability to monitor changed file extensions and automatically shutdown the server when a ransomware program begins to encrypt all files in one or more monitored disks or directories. In addition, the new product version adds the ability to use environment variables in input directories, improves keyboard shortcuts and fixes a number of bugs.
14-Oct-2015 - DiskPulse v7.9 improves the performance of disk change monitoring operations, improves the file system change filters and categories, improves all types of disk change monitoring reports, improves the SQL database integration capabilities and fixes a number of bugs.
16-Sep-2015 - DiskPulse v7.8 adds the ability to export the list of detected file system changes to a user-specified table in an SQL database. In addition, the new product version improves the web-based GUI interface and fixes a number of bugs.